The Magic You're Seeking is in the Work You're Avoiding

By Arifur Rahman

Hi everyone! Today, I'd like to discuss a statement that has been resonating in my mind: "The magic you seek is in the work you are avoiding or the skills you are not learning." Interesting, right? Let's get started. Comfort Zone: The Dangers of Basking in Your Own Warmth When it comes to learning and technology, we all have our preferred methods. It's like putting on an old pair of sneakers; it's comfy, but it doesn't exactly make us want to run any faster. Let's take this example of Sarah. She is a talented employee, who receives praise for her work. She took comfort in the same old approaches she'd always used in the classroom and avoided trying anything new. It led her to being complacent, thinking she doesn't need to improve. Despite the compliments she received, her lack of development prevented her from reaching her full potential and her colleagues surpassed her skills because they continued learning. Sarah's stagnant knowledge becomes a danger to her career. The magic is not staying in a comfortable but stagnant state, oblivious to the dangers of complacency and missed opportunities for growth and improvement. It is a warning signs when you are becoming too comfortable or content, as it can lead to stagnation and missed opportunities for growth. I can assure you that learning new things will get you interested and applying it at work will give you the pleasure you might be secretly seeking. Skill Gap: Finding Gold in the Rough Remember when it seemed like coding was solely for tech geeks? When you decide to learn a new programming language or use an innovative teaching method, you're opening doors to possibilities you didn't know existed. Certainly, Skill Gap emphasizes the potential within us to bridge the gap between what we know and what we can learn. In many ways this example makes more sense for what I am saying. John, a shy individual, always avoided public speaking due to a fear of failure. Recognizing this skill gap, he attends public speaking workshops. As he hones his communication skills, he discovers the power of his voice. Overcoming his fear, he becomes an inspiring speaker, transforming his once-hidden talent into a valuable treasure. Many of us including me have felt that if we were great communicators could have had better direction in the professional world. In these examples, the "Skill Gap" represents untapped potential. By recognizing the gap and taking steps to fill it, individuals can unearth hidden talents and passions, turning what was once unknown into a valuable treasure in their lives. The Proverbial Case of "No Guts, No Glory" The initial risk was considerable in my experience. Opting for a career in STEAM field and transforming myself into the education space. Moving from engineering was pure risk. What about the reward? The satisfaction from students gaining hands-on experience and benefiting from a more enriching learning environment is the reward. Taking that risk was the key to the magic. It definitely underscores the courage it takes to venture into the unknown as shown in the examples. Take Emma for instance. She was dissatisfied with her work environment and decided to try her hand at something new. Her perseverance paid off, as she found success in a field, she had previously shunned, despite its difficulties. In this example, the theme "No Guts, No Glory" illustrates that taking bold risks often leads to significant rewards. By embracing challenges, individuals can achieve remarkable personal and professional growth, turning their risks into rewarding and fulfilling experiences. This is where the magic lies. Invest Some Time Now, and Your Future Self Will Thank You We are all aware that learning takes time. Consider it an investment, however. It felt like a time sink when I initially started investigating food blogging and video making. Fast forward to the recent present, and it is one of my most satisfying endeavors. Put yourself in the shoes of Jessica. She decided to make learning to code her life's work. Despite initial challenges, she persisted. In a few months, she mastered coding languages, opening doors to high-paying tech opportunities. The time and effort she put in years ago was crucial to her current success. Another example of Sarah spent time networking and nurturing professional relationships in her field. Attending industry events, connecting on LinkedIn, and mentoring others took effort. Years later, these connections led to collaborations, job opportunities, and a supportive professional network. Her past investment in relationships proved invaluable for her future career growth. In these examples, "Time Invested: Your Future Self Will Be Thankful" underscores the transformative power of consistent efforts. By wisely investing time in learning, health, relationships, or personal development, individuals pave the way for a brighter, more fulfilling future, where their future selves reap the benefits of the time and dedication invested today. The debt will always exist. The catch is that the task you're avoiding now will almost certainly recur, possibly even in your future job. Avoiding it does not make it go away; it only delays the inevitable. So why not confront it full on and be ready for whatever happens next? The Enchanting Sound of Overqualification It's tremendously nice to hear your boss praise, "You're more skilled than this job requires." Isn't that like melody to the ears? That is the magic of going above and beyond in terms of learning new talents and taking on new challenges. It not only makes you indispensable, but it also opens up new doors for you. The value of being exceptionally skilled for a role, even if it seems beyond the job's requirement, is where the magic lives. Let's take two examples. Emily, a highly qualified teacher, applied for a position that seemed basic for her qualifications. Despite being overqualified, her passion for education and advanced teaching methods made her classes captivating. Students thrived under her guidance, and parents appreciated the extra mile she went. Emily's overqualification resonated in the enchanting atmosphere of her classroom, leaving a lasting impact on her students' education. She was eventually rewarded with acknowledgement of having the "Best Classroom Environment". Now she is lined up with multiple schools offering her as an Academic Trainer. Another example of Alex, an office manager, possessed advanced tech skills despite the job's administrative nature. Their proficiency in automation tools streamlined office processes, saving time and resources. Though overqualified for the role, Alex's expertise elevated the office's efficiency, creating a harmonious work environment. The enchanting sound of overqualification echoed in the office's seamless operations. In these examples, it illustrates how individuals' exceptional skills and knowledge can create a captivating, enchanting atmosphere, even in roles seemingly mismatched with their qualifications. Their expertise adds value, leaving a mark that resonates positively within the workplace or any environment they influence. The Un-Magical Side Dive into the unknown has its own risk. You might put time and money into mastering a talent and passion that doesn't pay off right away. Even so, the experience you receive will be priceless. For instance, Emma decided to switch careers, investing in a new degree and skill set. Despite the initial challenges in finding a job in her new field, she persisted. The un-magical side included job rejections and uncertainty. But her adaptability and determination allowed her to transform setbacks into opportunities for growth and advancement. The experiences from the tough journey enriched her perspective, making her a well-rounded professional. Expect setbacks and disappointments, but the lessons learned, and the resilience gained are invaluable. The un-magical moments, though challenging, contribute significantly to personal growth and eventual success. Last Thoughts The theme of this collection of interconnected tales is exploration of the unknown. Avoiding difficulties is a common cause of unhappiness in the workplace and in the classroom. These people underwent life-altering changes after taking a chance on the enchantment of the unknown. Where do you stand? And what is it that you are trying to avoid? Maybe this evasion is the key to finding the magic you need. Let's stop being so safe and start discovering the world. Please share your opinions, and let's get this conversation started.