About Us

About WBCO

Welcome to the World Book for Publishing and Distribution Company (WBCO), a distinguished educational partner with a rich legacy spanning over 35 years in the Middle East. Originating as Elmia Bookstore in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1995, WBCO has evolved into a dynamic force committed to excellence in the educational sector. Our unwavering mission is to elevate the learning experience for students in the Kingdom, achieved through strategic global partnerships with renowned publishers and providers. We take pride in being an authorized distributor for McGraw-Hill since 2014, a testament to our success and impact in the Kto12 market.

At WBCO, we are more than a distribution company; we are a team of experts dedicated to professional development, teacher training, and fostering 21st-century skills in classrooms. With offices strategically located in Riyadh, Khobar, and Jeddah, we extend our commitment to customer service throughout Saudi Arabia. Our core values of respect, integrity, and a relentless pursuit of quality and excellence guide every facet of our operations. Join us on this educational journey, where we believe in enriching lives through equal opportunities and world-class education for Saudi children, comparable to the most advanced countries.

 Our Values


   🔗Diversity Equity & Inclusion

   🎗️Customer-Centric Approach

   🎖️Quality & Excellence

  🤝 Strategic Consultation Partners

        Socially Responsible

Mission and Vision

At WBCO, our mission is to enrich lives by providing equal educational opportunities for Saudi children through strategic global partnerships. We envision a future in which our dedication to innovation, integrity, and quality inspires both our partners and customers to value us. With a vision rooted in excellence, we relentlessly pursue success for our customers, ensuring that every educational program and solution meets the highest standards. Join us on this journey where education transcends boundaries, and together, we shape a brighter future. 

It is at the core of our responsibility to deliver the best quality solutions on time and with complete reliability. Serving our customers is at the heart of everything we do. We never stop working to deliver solutions that meet the most exact needs and grow our partnerships.


Meet The Team

Mohamad Ayman Alasawedeh

CEO for Academic Affairs

Hassan Badr

Director Sales and Academics

Arifur Rahman

Head of Digital Solutions and program Implementation

Arifur Rahman

Curriculum Specialist / Technical Trainer

Khalid Abdeul Hameed Alqdeeb


Noor Mohammed

Customer Success Manager

Shaik Mohammed Ali

Warehouse Manager

Mustafa Khairy Ahmed Sayed

Finance Manager

Khalid Khamees Saeed

Academic Advisor

Younis Dawood Younis

Head of Training Department / Educational Consultant

Eastern Province

Mohammed Sajidur Rahman

Key Account Manager


Key Account Manager

Western Province

Mahmoud Mahfouz

Key Account Manager

Mohamed Rihawi

Key Account Manager

Riyadh and Northern Region


Key Account Manager

Waleed Mohamad

Senior Account Manager