Our Services



Our Services

Value Chain

  • Direct involvement from providing custom solutions as per their requirement to distribution of goods and implementation of services 

Custom Publishing

  • Expert authors, resources, and consultants involved in key projects with the Ministry of Education.
  • Introduction of culturally approved titles to Saudi, focusing on our renowned social studies and computer science titles aligned with CCSS for K to 8.
  • Successful partnership with National Geographic and MOE for a new ELT project with Cengage National Geographic for K to 6.

Education Consultants

  • Dedicated educational consultant team to assist in choosing the right materials for schools and students.

Logistics Efficiency

  • Warehouses strategically located in 3 regions in Saudi, ensuring guaranteed in-stock availability and on-time delivery.

Quality Standard Setter

  • Home to the education standard setter, collaborating with strategic partners and publishers to maintain the highest global education standards.

Customer Support

  • Locally based customer support for swift response to customer needs and queries.

Innovative Multimedia Solutions

  • Leadership in introducing digital solutions to classrooms, ensuring synchronization between teachers and students.
  • Emphasis on the integration and enhancement of digital tools in collaboration with schools.
  • Offering a comprehensive range of educational material solutions, including Print books, Digital resources, Assessment Suite, and blended resources.


  • Full back-to-school teacher training, product training, professional development, and 1:1 coaching.
  • Ensuring teachers' confidence and effective utilization of programs to deliver top-notch lessons to students.

Logistics Efficiency

  • Efficient distribution network with a strategically located warehouse ensures timely delivery of print books across Saudi Arabia.

Quality Assurance

  • Stringent quality checks and adherence to global education standards ensure that our products consistently meet the highest benchmarks.

Digital Integration Services

  • Seamless integration of digital resources into the curriculum, fostering a technologically advanced and interactive learning environment.

Continuous Improvement Programs

  • Ongoing support and enhancement programs to ensure that our educational solutions evolve with the changing needs of the education landscape.

Assessment and Feedback Mechanism

  • Implementation of robust assessment tools and mechanisms to provide insightful feedback for educators, students, and parents.

Why partner with WBCO?

  • Local and Global Reach: Extend your reach to the dynamic educational landscape of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East through our well-established network. 
  • Dedicated Support: Experience unparalleled support and collaboration through our expert team dedicated to fostering success.
  • Strategic Alignment: Join forces with a company that aligns its mission with yours – enhancing educational experiences for students.

Our Impact